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Tony Johnston picture  Tony Johnston CPA, CGA, CMC, MBA (Finance), BA (Econ)
  - Turnaround & Growth Leadership & Advisory Services for Public & Private Co.s
  - Strategic / Operational Planning & Control
  - Financing, Divestiture & Acquisition Transaction Management

Eric Trimble picture  Eric Trimble JD, MBA
  - Legal/General Counsel
  - Corporate Development

  - M&A / Corporate Finance

Viivi Rannu picture Viivi Rannu BSc, MBA (Finance)
  - Administration


Advisory Board:

David Callander CPA, CA, BA (Acctg/BusLaw/Econ)
  - Public & Private Co. Accounting
  - Professional Services Delivery


Independent Associates:

Compass North Inc. can access as required a broad network of available top management talent. This means CNi can go beyond the direct experience and abilities of its staff members to precisely tailor the human resources used on any particular assignment. In this way, the range of CNi's talent offerings can be extended to so that we deliver the right person to meet your need.

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