•  Transaction Advisory Services:

'Big Issues' typically drive 'Big Transactions', such as:

    - Time for Non-Organic Growth or Time Sell the Business?

    - Need New Money or Partners to Make Important Things Happen?

    - How to React to an Unexpected 'What If in Life' Happening to You?

However, because 'Big Transactions' have potential big and maybe unexpected impacts, they raise are 'Big Questions' such as:

    - What really is the 'right deal' for you and your business situation?

    - How can you get find 'on-staff' time and expertise to get your deal done?

    - What specifically needs to get done inside and outside your company to
      get your deal's ball rolling in the right direction?

    - What deal specialist professional outsiders should you turn to for what?

    - How are you going to management the deal negotiations and get deal
      support activities done to keep your deal on track for success? And ..

    - How can you get the 'best possible / most favourable' deal done?

We at Compass North Inc. can help you resolve these questions and guide you to deal success because we have negotiated and closed over $2.5 billion in major deals of all types.

We're in business to help you get the best possible deal done when you need it done and that's why you can turn in confidence to us.

CNi's range of M&A / Corporate Finance transaction advisory services include:


- Financings / Capital Raising:
       Debt & Equity Fund Raising Programs / Transactions
       Offering Documents Preparation / Review
       Investor Presentations / Roadshows
       Stakeholder Relationship Management Programs

- Distressed Financial Advisory:
       Distressed Debt & Equity Fund Raising Transactions
       Distressed Mergers, Acquisitions & Sale-of-Asset
       Restructuring Strategy and Business Planning

- Divestiture Planning & Execution:
       Exit Planning / Ownership Transition Preparation
       Your Corporate Will / Management Transition Planning
       Offering Documentation Preparation
       Buyer Solicitation / Contact Initiation / Due Diligence
       Transaction Initiation / Negotiation / Closing Support

- Acquisition Planning & Execution:
       M&A Program Development
       Target Selection / Initial Contact
       Transaction Initiation / Negotiation / Closing Support
       Acquisition Valuation Estimates
       Business Integration Programs

We'll help you get the deal you need and want done on maximized terms in a minimized timeframe.

Contact us now by calling (416) 342-5652 or sending us an email to GeneralManager@CompassNorthInc.com.

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