Concerned about your top-line results?

Then get a Sales Process Audit done because it will identify and help fix what is going wrong, such as if your:

    - company's struggling to generate qualified sales leads

    - sales staff are uncooperative or just going through the motions

    - marketing blames sales and sales blames marketing

    - sales results are not what you expected or required

    - revenues are frustratingly flat or declining

Companies everywhere have 2 over-arching goals: 1) grow and 2) drive predictable sales revenue. However, today that is not easy to do.

Why? Because (a) with the competitive landscape changing substantially year in and year out due to (i) competition increasing and getting more fierce, (ii) buyer needs changing at an ever increasing pace, and (iii) disruptive technologies jumping up more frequently and (b) because many organizations face self-inflicted injury stemming from too many conflicting and competing opinions and agendas, sales challenges abound externally and internally whichever way you turn.

So, if stability and regularity are so difficult to realize, what can you do to bring more control and predictability to the delivery of the outstanding results all shareholders demand?  We say you can do that by: understanding, controlling and strengthening the structure and processes your organization uses to find new customers and drive sales.

The best way to do that is by looking at what is actually going on TODAY right where your organization's rubber meets the road: in your sales & marketing function. There, all too often, everyone is so focused on doing what is being asked of them that they and top management don't take time to look at the how, what, why and who that's behind the task at hand.

So, because you can’t manage what you don't know is happening, and you can't drive what you haven’t measured, and you can’t control what you can’t correctly see and haven't documented, your organization need us to do a Sales Process Audit for you.

What a Sales Process Audit covers includes:

   -  Sales & Marketing Organization Description & Responsibility Breakdown

   -  Map of Organization’s Lead Generation and Sales Processing Activities

   -  Sales Funnel & New Business Linkage Analysis

   -  Sales Tool Inventory Review

   -  Sales Objective Setting & Monitoring Review

   -  Marketing / Sales Function Alignment & Support Mechanisms Review

Importantly, you need us to do your Sales Process Audit because we can assess your organization in an unbiased way, where you cannot. That is because we can and will see things as they are, not as you think they should be. And as sales and consulting pros, we have the tools and both the practical experience and theoretical sales and marketing knowledge to properly analyze and evaluate your organization.

Don't needlessly go on suffering 'sick revenue' symptoms.

Contact us today at to learn more about our Sales Process Audit and how it can make your top-line and bottom-lines better, bigger and more predictable.

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