EXPERTISE for when YOU have a BIG MONEY DEAL to close .

Trying to do something you rarely do generally produces results that are either 'less than desired' or 'totally disappointing'.

At Compass North Inc., we are 'Company-side Pro's' when it comes to getting public and private market financing and M&A deals of all sizes done: i) from setting up the company to do a time-sensitive major transaction; ii) to dealing with lawyers, auditors, stakeholders, etc.; iii) to targeting and soliciting interest from counter-parties; iv) to negotiating, closing and handling post-closing matters, including regulatory reporting and communications with investors and the general public.

How did we get to be 'Pro's'? > It was because:

    - We have done over $2.5 bil. in major deals ranging from
       public & private debt, public & private equity, IPOs, M&A and
       major hedging deals negotiated & closed.

    - We have done more than 77 deals in 42 countries, and because...

    - We are accredited accounting, finance and legal professionals.

Compass North Inc. transaction specialists have all the skills, knowledge and contacts needed to get you a maximized deal when it comes to amounts, valuation, timing, terms, conditions and motivated counter-parties. Here are examples of the types of deals we can help you organize, negotiate and close:

A) Debt & Equity Capital Raises

If you want to successfully get a major transaction done, be it debt, ABL, leasing, private equity, public equity, CPC, or initial public offering done, we have solicited, negotiated and closed well over a billion dollars worth of them covering every category, which is why we are pro's at helping companies achieve their capital funding goals.

We can help you too.

Call us to find out how.

B) Acquisition & Divestiture Transactions

Anyone can buy a business or sell one, but the REAL measure of how good or bad your deal was lies in the following three things:

  1. What pain or benefit will your deal give you in the future;
  2. What money did you pay or receive; and
  3. What terms & conditions did you say 'yes' to in order to close your deal.

Because we have solicited, negotiated and closed nearly a hundred acquisition and divestiture transactions for public and private market companies, including management buy-outs and family business transfers of ownership, we can make sure you'll get the best possible deal too.

C) Strategic Partnerships / Collaborations

Landing a strategic partnership or major research or product development is no easy task. First you have to figure out who you want to go after, then you need to get their attention, and next comes attracting their serious interest. Once you have gotten to that point, the serious negotiations begin. But what is fair and reasonable when typically one of the organizations is large and wealthy and the other is small and capital poor? Well, because we been there and negotiated or managed numerous such deals, we know what works and what does not. So, get us on your side and let us help you get the best possible deal that is right for your situation.

Invest in you and your business's future by 'teaming up' with us now.

To make things easier on you and your decision, we offer free, no-cost / no-obligation initial consultation. So, why not connect with us and begin exploring how we can help you make more money? Contact us today at (416) 342-5652 or sending us an e-mail.

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