Compass North Inc: - the management & advisory services firm

We help companies get RESULTS.

Our executive level help & 'in-company' expertise goes where most other consulting service providers cannot, making sure clients get the human & financial resources, savvy decision making, operational execution, and transactions closed that they need to succeed.

We do this by (i) developing and executing strategies that organize and focus staff and by (ii) accessing and using money brilliantly in value-add transactions so important / challenging goals get achieved, like:

    - maximizing growth
        - maximizing cashflow
            - maximizing your company's enterprise value.

Examples of our service deliverables include:

      • greater growth
      • increased sales
      • more profits
      • bigger cashflows
      • more effective & efficient operations
      • reduced expenses
      • easier financings
      • better divestiture and acquisition transactions
      • higher valuations on sale

Our staff are highly-qualified, proven top-executives with long track records of operational & functional-area leadership and M&A / financing transaction success.

We deliver support services to clients in one of two ways:

1) Results Management & Interim Leadership Services

- principally for growth, corporate renewal, turnarounds and cashflow & profit maximization situations; and

2) Transaction Advisory Services

- primarily in debt & equity financing, ownership transition / succession, and sell-side & buy-side M&A deal management.

If you want to maximize your business results and/or cash out at a maximized valuation, turn to Compass North Inc. We're here to help you get the most out of your business.

To find out more, contact us by e-mail or by phone at (416) 342-5652.

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