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We're ready now to invest up-front in you and the opportunity you may have for us > that's why we offer Free, No-Cost / No-Obligation Initial Consultations.

Here's why we do it:

    - We want you to be confident in your decision to use us;

    - We want you to be comfortable from the get-go; and because ...

    - We know we can't start helping you if we don’t talk first.

Our question for you is:

Are you ready to invest in finding the right solution for your situation?

At Compass North Inc., we offer all potential new clients free, no-cost / no-obligation initial consultations.

Our initial consultations may consist of one or possibly two meetings, consuming between an hour to two days of our time, all as such maybe appropriate in our view of the circumstances.

The location of our initial meeting is your choice provided it is either not more than an hour or two drive from our office or you agree to cover our out of pocket costs if farther or we agree to handle introductions and early discussions by phone, internet and / or email.

All discussions regarding your business or your personal matters will be “in strict confidence” and not for any unauthorized disclosure. And because we are a professional management and advisory services firm, we have no problem committing to this in writing in advance if you so require.

Another way we demonstrate we are a professional management and advisory services firm is that we will only take on your assignment if we sincerely believe we can accomplish something material and do it successfully.

The objectives we have in initial consultations are: i) to introduce ourselves and ii) learn what we can about you, what the main aspects of your situation are, what core things you need or want done, and what expectations you have or what results you seek. In this, we may outline a strategy or approach for you to consider that incorporates what we think is how we can best help. However, if you require specific advice or effort, you will need to become a client of ours by agreeing to and executing a written contract first.

Join us in 'teaming up' to invest in you and your business's future.

To set up your free, no-cost / no-obligation initial consultation and begin exploring how we can help you make more money, contact us today at (416) 342-5652 or send us an e-mail.

Let's talk!


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