Challenge can strike any business at anytime as a result of crisis / turnaround / renewal / new venture / growth.

When it comes, things can start to fall apart all too quickly as you and/or your company begin getting over-loaded and stressed in multiple ways.

What's critical is not letting the situation spin out of control !

The best solution is temporary 'C level' help from Compass North Inc.

Here's what we'll do for you:

    - Quickly plug-in to what's going on in your circumstance;

    - Quickly make positive contributions to you and your organization;

    - Quickly harmonize with you and your team; and …

    - Quickly bring your business situation under control.

Compass North Inc. offers public, private or family-owned companies a full range of 'C suite' plug-in-leadership options if they find themselves in challenged situations where there is a vital need for stabilizing and normalizing forces being brought to bear.

These include:

A) Turnaround & Crisis Management - Distressed Financial Advisory

Turnaround and crisis management situations cry out for clear heads being in control and clear leadership mandates being given so no one is in doubt about what's required in order to stabilize and then maximize the value of distressed business and what is needed to meet the business's challenges head on because companies in such situations typically face a complex combination of significant finance, financing, strategic, operational, technology and/or management problems.

We believe leaders in such circumstances have a two-fold task: 1) Triage - avoiding bankruptcy and failure; and 2) Recovery - finding a path back to stability and profitable growth.

Compass North Inc. has the senior operations and financial executive expertise needed for restructurings, turnarounds, crisis management, public and private debt and equity financings and for negotiating and closing major transactions, as well as for developing and implementing financial and/or operational turnaround strategies.

We also have long records of success, a wide range of business management experience in public, private, private-equity-backed and family-owned companies and a large network of associate and industry sector specialists to draw on. This allows us to put together an elite team of turnaround experts tailored to your business situation and your company's needs. Accordingly, we'll be able to quickly and confidently step in to your company to restore leadership, establish stability, boost stakeholder value while creating a solid foundation for a return to profitable growth as such opportunities may exist. Our turnaround specialists can:

    - Steer companies through the most challenging financial crises;
    - Provide immediate leadership to quickly stabilize the business and
      mobilize resources for recovery;

    - Assess, stabilize and proactively manage cashflow;
    - Evaluate management and judge administrative and financial capabilities;
    - Gauge the company's long-term prospects and strategic options;
    - Develop a strategic plan for how to achieve maximized results;
    - Rally support from customers, suppliers, capital providers and external
      professionals; and...

    - Rebuild and/or capture the enterprise's maximized market value.

Our staff can take on any one of three different types of 'C level' roles if your company find itself in a distressed situation where the focus needs to be on making quick heads-up decisions and taking timely savvy action:

1) Turnaround / Crisis Chief Executive Officer ('CEO')

The highest ranking executive in a company, the CEO, often has the most challenging role. This is particularly true in a crisis or turnaround situation.

When survival and a return to normalcy are open questions, it is critical to have a proven crisis / turnaround management CEO in charge - someone who can develop and articulate a believable, compelling vision for the company and substantiate in a fully honest way why others should continue their support, all while providing leadership by example, offering affirming reassurance to staff, and ensuring there is proper alignment internally and externally to both the dictates of the marketplace and the requirement of the new vision for corporate renewal.

In smaller, more entrepreneurial organizations, our crisis / turnaround CEOs often have to take on a critical tactical / day-to-day operating role in the company as well. This is where they also assume responsibility for the majority of the routine business decisions. In national or multinational companies on the other hand, CEOs there most often only deal with crafting the company's high-level strategy, supervising its execution and managing the vital communicating to internal and external stakeholder groups.

Compass North Inc. has the staff and other resources to get you the right CEO for your company -- whether that person is for an interim position, or is there to fill a long-term mandate.

2) Turnaround / Crisis Chief Restructuring Officer ('CRO')

Our seasoned crisis management and turnaround experts are professionals ready to step in to challenged companies and act as Chief Restructuring Officers ("CRO") when and if management requires decisive/intensive help to devise and/or implement a formal / Court-supervised or informal plan of restructuring.

Our skilled crisis & turnaround managers know how to work with lawyers, secured lenders, regulators, external professionals, capital providers, concerned suppliers and distressed customers. They bring all the communication skills, strategic vision, and experience that are necessary to get a successful turnaround plan rolling. And Compass North Inc. staff will stand prepared to augment or supplement the CRO we help you bring on board as such maybe required.

3) Turnaround / Crisis Distressed FInancial Advisor

Even before struggling companies bring on new personal, it often happens that timely, decisive action is required early on if the challenged company is to survive and thrive. That is because most situations require a situationally specific approach be developed in advance in response to the challenges faced.

We at Compass North Inc. have a long and successful track record in providing a range of Distressed Financial Advisory Services in respect of meeting such needs, including:

Strategy and Business Planning
Our multi-skilled and broadly experienced professionals work closely with owners, directors, stakeholders, lenders, and other involved parties to critically evaluate options, assist in decision-making and build strategies and plans that enhance value for all. Our strategic advice is founded on years of experience in corporate finance, secured lending and other financial disciplines. Please take note: our early involvement usually is your BEST way to maximize your upside opportunity and value.

Re-Capitalize or Refinance
When company performance declines or approaches the "insolvency zone," relationships with existing lenders typically become strained or even irreparably damaged. Through our extensive network of investment bankers, commercial bankers, asset based lenders, distressed investment funds and strategic investors, Compass North Inc. can source the necessary funding to continue operating if such is at all available, be it in the form of DIP (debtor-in-pocession) operating loans, asset based loans, bridge loans, sub-debt, mezzanine financing and equity investment.

Distressed Mergers, Acquisitions & Sale of Assets
Distressed M&A transactions require a specialized blend of corporate finance advisory and formal bankruptcy / insolvency experience. The blending of expertise from both of these disciplines is essential to driving desired results. Early action to sell part or all of the business may be the best strategy to maximize enterprise value for stakeholders. If the company's financial crisis deepens, a sale by a Receiver or Court-supervised sale under CCAA or BIA may be the most appropriate route for conveying assets free and clear of encumbrances, liens, claims, etc and we can help orchestrate that if such becomes necessary.

Successful turnarounds only happen when core operating and financial issues are effectively addressed and resolved. Otherwise, profitability cannot be restored and cash flow challenges cannot be overcome.

Compass North Inc offers a broad range of specialized disciplines to support management abilities in this regard, such as providing seasoned turnaround professionals who have the financial and operational focus and skills to retool operations and reduce expenses, bringing in chief restructuring officers, calling in profit enhancement consultants and offering as required interim CFO support. Additionally, should a formal restructuring under Companies Creditors Arrangement Act ("CCAA") or Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act ("BIA") be found necessary or essential to any restructuring plan, we can get that organized for you as well.

B) Interim Management

Interim executives from Compass North Inc. (CEO / CRO / CFO) come with decades of operational and financial expertise that are available and deliverable to you right from the ‘get-go’.

Our staff will be able to provide you with the decisive, hands-on interim executives you need to stabilize and steer your company around or through whatever challenge or change you face, including helping you work your way through the often lengthy executive search process when the time comes for more permanent leadership.

It’s the way we can help assure you’ll make a smooth transition to a new and brighter future.

The types of roles our staff can take on in interim management situations include:


1) Interim / Transitional Chief Executive Officer (‘CEO’)

In situations where there is a need for quick plug-in-replacement top management, getting an interim CEO from Compass North Inc. represents both a great short time fix and a flexibility-enhancing long term smart move.

That's because bringing in an interim CEO from us minimizes company confusion and disarray while allowing time for the making of a careful and considered decision about who would be the 'right' next long term leader of the company.

We can deliver a proven CEO who can temporarily step in and take charge; someone with the ability to develop and/or articulate a believable, compelling vision for the company as to why others honestly should continue to their support of the company while providing leadership by example, offering staff affirming reassurance, and ensuring there is proper alignment internally and externally to both the dictates of the marketplace and the vision the company has for its future.

In smaller, more entrepreneurial organizations, our interim CEOs often take on critical tactical / day-to-day operating roles in the company as well, which sees them become responsible for the majority of the routine business decisions. In national or multinational companies on the other hand, CEOs there often only have to deal with crafting the company's high-level strategy, supervising its execution and managing the vital communicating to internal and external stakeholder groups.

Compass North Inc. has the staff and other resources needed to get you the right interim and/or permanent CEO for your company.

2) Interim / Transitional Chief Financial Officer (‘CFO’ or Vice President, Finance)

An interim CFO or VP Finance from Compass North Inc. can help arrange financing, improve processes, determine budgeting, conduct risk assessments, supervise accounting and report and assist with your overall strategic planning.

We offer highly skilled, professional interim CFOs that can hit the ground running in order to deliver the results you need. Our experienced interim CFOs are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis or for any defined term that is required to augment your management team.  

Whether you need to replace an existing financial executive, are looking to add greater depth to your organization, or simply want short-term help to get through a critical juncture, an interim CFO from Compass North inc. may be just the solution you need.

3) Renewal / Transformational Chief Restructuring Officer

We can provide seasoned turnaround / corporate renewal professionals who can act as your CRO when management needs help devising and/or implementing a plan for corporate renewal, restructuring or rebirth be that Court-supervised or otherwise. Our skilled crisis / turnaround managers bring the strategic vision and experience necessary to craft and implement successful turnaround plans.

And as maybe required in the situation, Compass North Inc. also has the depth of resources to buttress the work being done by the person in your CRO role.

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